Are you looking to guest post and are wondering how to do so effectively? These tips will help.

Write About Things You Know

What are you passionate about? Write about things you love and know. Do your best to provide your readers valuable information. Among the most popular topics are the lessons you learned while troubleshooting a problem. Explain what worked and what failed, and what the final outcome of your endeavors was.

Be Concise And Follow The Style Of The Blog

Keep your content short and to the point. Use paragraphs, headlines, bulleted lists and photos. Make sure you have either the copyright or the permission to use these photos. It’s a good idea to check with the blog owner the image sizes guidelines.

Read some other posts on the blog, in order to understand the style and the tone of the author. Try to write in a similar tone. They may have a number of similar blogs and if you impress them you can enjoy the benefits of their guest post networks.

Offer Useful Information

Consider linking out to resources that may help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the topic you write about. Either spread out these links throughout the copy or add a special section at the bottom of the post.

Attribute Quotes Properly

If you want to share a quote, attribute it corruptly. Ensure you spell the name of the person the right way and confirm they approve of your intention.


Add One Link

While a guest post may bring you some traffic, it isn’t meant to be a sales pitch. Include a short bio at the end of the article, sharing who you are and what qualifies you to write about your topic of choice.

Also include links to your website or to your LinkedIn profile.

Spice up this information by adding some of your passions outside of work.

Check Your Spelling

Check and double-check your article for spelling mistakes, typos, grammar, and readability. Some of the text editing applications have in-built grammar and spelling checking tools. If yours doesn’t, consider checking the readability of your posy with online tools such as and Hemingway.

Grammarly is also an effective grammar checking tool.


Check for Formatting

Ask the blog owner what format you should submit your post in. Some bloggers may grant you author permissions, so that you can upload your article directly on their blog. Others may ask you to use a specific template or format.


Ask About Editing

You need to know what is the deadline for submitting your post and what happens after that.

Expect the blog author to edit your content for clarity or wording. The blog owner should show you the final edit before publishing it.


Reply to People

Once the post goes live, reply to all comments from the readers.

Always thank readers for their input. Answer their questions and offer in-depth information, if possible.


Get Promoting

Promote your guest post across your social media accounts and in your newsletter (if you have any).

Guest posting is an excellent opportunity to promote yourself online for free.

Thank the blogger by sharing your guest post on your website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.