When you think of content marketing, you probably think of sharply edited videos from retailers or witty emails from travel companies. What you probably don’t think of is accounting firms. Surely this means that don’t have to worry about content marketing and spend this budget elsewhere right?

You’re welcome to do this if you’re happy to fall behind your competition. In today’s world, content marketing is essential for every business – even accountants. Stong, content-driven marketing will see more clients knocking on your begging for your services.

The issue is coming up with great ideas while running the other aspects of your business isn’t easy. Don’t worry though, we are here to help. Below you’ll find some of our top content marketing ideas for accountants.

Tax Time

For even the largest accounting firms, the business year is one of troughs and peaks, the highest being tax time. It’s fair to assume that during this time it will be all hands on deck trying to get everything done as quickly as possible for your clients.

What this can mean is that other tasks, such as marketing, can fall by the wayside. The problem is that this is a time of year when you will likely have to share important updates. So wherever possible, try to have some post templates and other assets ready and waiting to help lighten the load. Another method is to have a news centre on your website where you can provide short and sharp updates easily.

You can also enlist the help of affordable content writing services so you know that your marketing is taken care of so you can focus on the busy season.


Dispell Common Myths

There are a lot of common myths and mistakes around accounting that you can help to dispel. Simply listicle style articles or even social posts can be used to educate your audience and further demonstrate your expertise.

If you’re short on ideas, think about the most common questions you get asked by clients or those annoying ones that people always ask you at dinner parties. Think along the lines of “5 things you didn’t know could be claimed back at tax time”. Try to make it relevant, engaging and avoid using too much jargon.


Q&A Sessions

On the topic of questions, sometimes it’s easier to get your information straight from the source. This is where a Q&A can be incredibly helpful for you and your clients! From your client’s perspective, they can ask any question they like in an informal and relaxed setting.

For you, it further highlights your expertise and builds trust in your capabilities. When it comes to our money, we’d all rather work with someone that we trust.


News and Updates

Things like taxes and accounting can be confusing for people – especially when laws and other factors continue to change This is why, after all, they come to you in the first place. Sharing these updates is a great source of content for your business.

How you go about this is up to you. It could a simple “everything you need to know about x” or you could even offer your own opinions or commentary on the subject. No matter how you go about it, make sure that you highlight how this may impact your clients.

Sharing this content, be it in emails, blog posts, or even social media posts will help to establish your business as a trustworthy source of advice and information. This reputation can only help to generate new business.


Interviews with Experts

Another great source of content is interviews with experts. These could be industry leaders, politicians, or anyone else whom you think your audience would like to hear from. You can film these interviews, but we recommend doing a simple written piece. This will be easier for you to create and repurpose with fewer resources.

For example, you could post the full interview in blog form on your website. You could then send out emails sharing the content, and post it on your social media with links back to your website. The posts could contain a photo of your guest, or even a text quote on simple colour background. Choose two or three eye-catching quotes and you have yourself a week’s worth of content!


Industry-specific content

If your firm focuses on a specific industry or sector, then this can be another great source of content for you. You can use a combination of your website, blogs, newsletters, or even social media posts to share and discuss the latest industry news, trends, and what this means for your clients.

The goal is to keep them engaged and coming back for more. This will create a sense of your value in the eyes of your clients, who may recommend you to others!


Show off your People

Your employees are another great source of content! Sharing your company culture and the achievements of your staff is a great way to shake up your regular activity and showcase how great your firm is to work for. This will help you to attract great talent the next time that you advertise for a vacancy.


Final Thoughts

Whilst these might not pack your calendar for the year, they can certainly help you to get more creative with your content marketing. Remember that consistency and quality are the most important rules of content marketing. If you’re looking for affordable content marketing services, reach out to the team at Muffin Marketing.