Estate agents face a unique problem in that many of their customers may only come to them once. After all, once a property has been let or sold, they may not be in need of your help anymore.

This is why it’s important to have strong marketing activity supported by engaging content. As affordable content writers, we’re lucky to be bursting with creative ideas. Between running all of the various aspects of your estate agency, you might not be so lucky.

That’s ok! Just you have your expertise, we have ours, and we’re here to help you take your marketing activity up a notch. In this article, we’ll explore our top content marketing ideas for estate agents.


Tips for Renters

There are new renters entering the market every day who will need help finding their first home. They may not know much about the market, how to rent a property, how to deal with you or a landlord and other small details.

This is where you can help. Creating content that focuses on educating renters can help to establish you or your agency as a trusted source of information in the market.

When it comes to things like the roof over our head, we want the help of people we can trust. Offering this advice can help to attract new tenants for any vacant properties on your books as well.


How to get Great Tenants

We’ve heard the stories of problem tenants that cause nothing but issues and problems. Landlords can feel that this all comes down to bad luck, but what they may not realise is that you can help!

Start by providing content that educates them about the reference process and other steps they can take to give them the best possible chance of getting a great tenant.


Insurance Tips

Property insurance is one of those topics that most people ignore if they can. Thanks to your industry knowledge, however, you understand these products better than most.

Content educating landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers can be very beneficial for people and will attract them to come to you for other services too.


Industry Insight

Housing is an area of life that is constantly subject to changes. This could be taxation, or changes in other legislation such as evictions or tenancies. For the everyday person, these changes can often be hard to get your head around.

This is where you can come. For example, if the subject of property is in the news, you can create content that is easy to digest for your audience. This helps to establish you and your agency as a thought leader on all things estates.


Property Trends

Property trends are constantly changing, so for your clients to stay ahead, they need to be aware of these trends. Is exposed brick still in vogue? Has minimalism had its day? Will we see the return of bright colours in furniture?

Answering these questions and discussing other popular trends can provide valuable insight into the latest trends. This could content could be in the form of short, snappy blog posts or even photo and video content on your channels.


Property Walk-Throughs

What’s a helpful way to let or sell your properties quicker? Show them off online. Photos are great, but they don’t tell the full story. Viewings are ideal, but they are very time-consuming.

An exciting video walkthrough of a property solves both of the problems. It allows you to go into more detail than you could with a photo and you only need to shoot it once, which saves you talking about the same shower head 30 times.

Furthermore, if someone views a full walkthrough and wants to see more of the property, you know that you have a very interested party to work with.


DIY Videos

There are simple things around the house that we should all know that we don’t. Providing this knowledge can be another great source of content for estate agents.

We aren’t talking about shelves, but smaller things like resetting a boiler, changing a bulb, or adjusting a leaking tap.

These are pieces of content that live on your channels and be used where ever necessary.


Solutions for Common Problems

There are so many problems that be encountered in the world of property. Some are large and require complex solutions, some may be surprisingly easy to solve.

Think about common problems such as changing an energy supplier or struggling to fill a vacant property and offer simple solutions in the form of engaging content.


Final Thoughts

As an estate agent, you can do more with your marketing than simply push the current properties on your books. You can use content to give value to your customers and potential clients. This will build trust in your brand and bring more people through your doors who are in need of your services.

Don’t have the time to write content for your website? Our affordable content marketing service could be for you.