When you hear the words ‘content marketing, you probably think of listicle articles ranking gifts or inspiring videos of exotic destinations. You probably don’t think of facilities management.

The thing is that after the events of the last few years, facilities management companies are finally getting some of the recognition that they deserve. While holidays were on hold and the pubs were closed, facilities management companies were protecting our empty offices from vandals and criminals and protecting our staff from harmful bacteria.

This hype and recognition is great, but you’ll let it go to waste if you don’t capitalise on it. You need strong marketing activity in order to keep the good news rolling and new business coming in. The content you need to focus on is long-form blogs. As affordable content writers, we specialise in creating content for every industry – including facilities management.

So, if you’re short on ideas, here are some great content marketing ideas for facilities management companies.


Industry-Specific Content

The role of a facilities management company will vary depending on the industry in which its clients work. A facilities management company that assists a conventional office will differ from one that helps with a school or large factory.

This is why sharing industry-specific content can be so beneficial for your business. It can offer valuable insights to relevant audiences, demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and establish your business as a trustworthy organisation.

Furthermore, when businesses go searching for a facilities management company that can look after their needs, they are more likely to find you.


Guides and Tips

There are a lot of things that people don’t know about facilities management. This could be the importance of office security, proper cleaning practices, office design, or even landscaping. This is where you come in.

You can use long-form blog articles to explore these topics in depth to educate your audience and promote your services at the same time. The key is making sure that these guides are relevant and engaging.

Feel free to play with different formats and writing styles. These could be interviews, ‘5 things you didn’t know about X’, deep dives, or any other form that you would enjoy writing and that you think your audience will enjoy.


COVID Advice

Thankfully, the pandemic is slowly getting further away in the rearview mirror. It is still present in our lives, and therefore, people still need advice on how to deal with it correctly. COVID is a great source of useful content that you can share on a regular basis.

It goes without saying that anything that you share must be thoroughly researched, verified to the best of your ability, and accurate. There is enough misinformation out there – spreading more will only harm your business.


Myth Busting

On this topic, there are plenty of myths surrounding the world of facilities management. This could be cleaning practices that aren’t as effective as people would think. Perhaps it’s that facilities management companies aren’t worth the time or that they don’t offer an effective solution.

Use your blog and marketing activity to dispel these myths and put your best business case forward. Dispelling these myths can help to improve the workplace standards of your audience, build trust in your business, and even generate new business for you.


News and Updates

Updates in your business or new relevant to your clients are another great source of content. Take the recent pandemic as an example. As the government announced and updated COVID measures, you could explain how these updates may impact your clients.

You can share these updates as and when they are most relevant, or as part of a regular newsletter that you send out to subscribers.


Case Studies

Every facilities management company has encountered strange problems they’ve been able to solve or been called to provide a unique service for a client. You need to share these stories! They will not only be of interest, but they also will showcase what your business is capable of. After all, who doesn’t love a good success story!


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great content marketing ideas that you can use to your advantage as a facilities management company. Whether you use these ideas directly, use them as inspiration, or enlist the help of affordable content writers, it’s time to take your content marketing to the next level.