Why do people come to financial advisors like yourself? Because frankly, finance is complicated. Some will say that this is deliberate. Others will say that the financial systems of a country should be complicated – they are designed to keep millions of people afloat after all.

The problem is that people are often afraid to discuss their finances – no matter how important they are. This means that no matter how much people may need your services, you still need to convince them.

This is where the marketing of your business comes in. Trying to summarise the latest pension legislation or whether someone should re-finance their home is hard to do in a small Instagram post or tweet. These subjects need depth.

What can you do? Blog. Yes, you read that right. We aren’t talking about the clunky blogs from the early 2000s. We’re talking about a powerful tool that can feed into your other marketing functions, boost the traffic to your website, and help you to give more value to your new and existing customers.

To help you get started, here are some content marketing ideas for your financial advice business.


Regular newsletters

Markets go up and down, stocks boom, interest rates rise, and mortgages come in and out of vogue. A lot happens in the world of finance, sometimes even on a daily basis. Your clients will likely see these events and will have a lot of questions – so why not answer them in the form of a newsletter?

Although this may not technically be a blog, it fits the criteria of effective long-form content. The frequency of these newsletters is up to you, but all you need to do is summarise the important events in the financial world in a simple, easy to understand fashion.

Promote this newsletter to your clients and make that they subscribe before you start sending it to them.


Market insights

Everyone wants to know what the next big stock winner will be. You may not be able to tell them this though. What you can do, however, is offer insight into why certain stocks or companies are doing well. You can also look into why other stocks may be failing.

In this case, you won’t be picking stocks for your clients. You will instead give them valuable knowledge that they can use to inform their own decisions. We know that you’re thinking, this might drive them away! In fact, the opposite is true.

The more great advice that you give your clients, the more they will trust you. People tend to stay in business with people that they trust.


Explainer pieces

There are a lot of complicated financial terms and concepts that people don’t understand. Whether it’s about cryptocurrencies, interest rates, or how mortgages really work, these subjects will act as a constant source of content for your blog.

Try to time these posts with current events, and explain them in as clearer terms as possible. Your goal is to help your audience understand these concepts, not feel more confused about them.

Showing that you can explain these concepts in a simple manner will establish your reputation as a reputable expert in your field.


Expert interviews

No one expects you to know everything. It’s ok. So how can you share important information with your clients that you don’t know much about? By bringing in knowledgeable experts to share their insights.

How you go about these interviews, is up to you, but the most important thing is that you capture the best things that your experts have to share.

To really get the most out of these interviews, you can record them in video form and publish them in writing. Announce the interview through your channels, then publish quotes or excerpts with links back to the full written interview. This is how you can turn one piece of work into multiple pieces of content!


Success stories

Everyone loves a good success story – so why not share some of your own? If you’ve helped your clients to achieve their financial goals, these are great stories that you can share!

Try to make it more about your clients and less about you so it comes across as more authentic. Word of mouth marketing has long been the gold standard, and this is a clever way to achieve exactly that.


Final thoughts

The options for your content marketing are only limited by your imagination. If you find yourself short on time and unable to create this content yourself, why not enlist the help of some affordable content writers?

We can create the compelling content that you need to take your marketing and your business to the next level.  Find out more about our affordable content marketing services on the Muffin Marketing website today.