In today’s fast-paced job market, the services of recruitment agencies are in high demand. The problem is, however, that there are a lot of other agencies competing for your business.

This is why it’s essential to have a strong marketing strategy to grow the awareness of your brand and help you to generate more business. Recruitment is pretty unique when compared to other industries because it is one of the few industries where your product talks back.

This means without a strong marketing strategy, it can be hard to stay ahead of your competition and build your bottom line. Without strong content, much of your marketing efforts can be wasted. The problem is that coming up with new and industry-relevant content ideas isn’t easy. Thanks to services that offer affordable content writing, your life is a little easier.

So don’t worry if you’re short on ideas, we are here to help! In this article, you’ll find some of the best content marketing ideas for your business.


Use the Power of LinkedIn

In the world of recruitment, LinkedIn will be one of your most effective tools and biggest allies. So, it’s important that you really nail your activity on this social media channel. After all, LinkedIn was designed as a network for professionals.


Company Page

The best place to start is on your company page. A strong page will attract top looking to work for you or get placed by you, and it will also encourage companies to come to you for all of your recruitment needs.

To appeal to these different groups, you need to post a variety of content. Be sure that when using all of these suggestions,


Celebrate your Team

If you want the best recruiting talent to come to you, you need to show how great life is at your agency. LinkedIn is a great channel to do this. For example, you can do posts sharing new starters at your company, celebrating internal promotions, or even photos of your team at staff gatherings and parties.

All of these pieces of content will showcase the culture of your company, which will help to attract the best talent. Today’s workforce wants to feel appreciated by their employer and like they’re part of a big family.


Showcase your Wins

The next thing that you want your LinkedIn profile to do is to attract great candidates looking to find their next role through you. You’ll of course have your team hunting for strong candidates, but having some of them come to you can help to make your life easier.

Showcasing your wins – be it individual placements or larger statistics (such as total roles filled in a month) – can build trust in your brand, and show that by coming to you, candidates can find their next dream job.

You could do this through simple photo posts, engaging graphics, or even testimonials. Your goal is to establish and build trust in your performance as an agency.


LinkedIn Articles

Blogs are a powerful branding tool that you can use to boost the awareness of your brand, drive sales, and provide relevant and engaging content to your target market.

The problem with blogs is that setting them up can be time-consuming, and the performance of your blog can be determined by your budget. Did you know that you can use LinkedIn as a blog without the need for any of this hassle?

LinkedIn articles act as a pseudo blog that is connected to your company profile. This means that you can post content on a relevant channel using the infrastructure provided by LinkedIn! Although it may not be completely branded, it’s a great place to start.

Focus on content that is relevant to your industry. For example, if you recruit purely for the financial sector (we know there are plenty of niches under this larger umbrella), you would tailor content to fit this market and their needs. Are there any big changes in how accounting firms are structured? What are your clients looking for when hiring new starters? How has remote and flexible working impacted your industry?

Tackling these topics will showcase your expertise, and build trust in your brand. If a company trusts you, that means they will be more willing to let you handle their recruiting needs. This form of content can be used for recruiting agencies of all shapes and sizes – as long as your content is relevant to your audience.


Application Tips

Another great source of content for recruitment agencies is application tips – this is your area of expertise after all. Think along the lines of CV guides, interview prep, how to handle rejection, and current industry trends.

You can also provide tips for those looking for talent. These could be ideas on how to write a song advert, tips for selecting candidates, and how to conduct a thorough interview.

Providing this information will establish your expertise in the eyes of the market, and encourage them to keep coming to you for help. The more value that you can provide to someone, the more valuable you will be in their eyes.



No matter what content you decide to create, the most important thing to keep in mind is your audience. If it isn’t relevant to them or it doesn’t offer any value, you won’t get anywhere the results that you’re looking for.

Make that you give equal weight to attracting internal talent, great candidates to place into roles, and companies that you can find great people for. If you need help, depend on the team at Muffin Marketing for affordable content marketing services.