Time and Content.

It reminds me of when in school.

“Study, social life, sleep.”

You can only choose two.

“Dealing with clients, handling sales calls with clients/team you cannot put off and writing valuable content to sustain your inbound marketing efforts.

It’s the same story.

Thank God some tools exist to make our work life more comfortable and help us get more results in less time.

Recent statistics indicate that more than 88% of B2B marketers rely heavily on content marketing to generate leads and get more sales. Are you already part of this 88 percent of entrepreneurs and marketers? If you do, undoubtedly, you’re probably already using or looking for useful content marketing tools to help you create more valuable content for your audience faster.

Whether you’re a novice or someone looking to up your game, you got it sorted. In this blog post, we have a list of carefully handpicked time-saving tools that will breathe life into your brand.

A Sneak Peek into Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of sharing insightful and educational information to create value for your potential or actual customers, and increase brand awareness, brand equity, trust, and retention.

The reason why I love content marketing it’s that when you’re creating content, you’re building an asset. It’s like building small houses that give you return with their rent. Why? Because differently from paid ads, you can reuse that content you created for a lifetime, and if it is high-quality, search engines will be happy to rank it high on searches. This allows you to get a predictable and relatively low-cost way to generate leads and sales for your business, every single day.

Why You Need Content Marketing Tools to Thrive

The process of not only creating a good piece of content that you know people will be happy to read, but also to promote it and get traction for your website, it’s time-consuming. Tools are here to simplify our life, allowing us to:

  •       Streamlines content creation process
  •       Boosts content output
  •       Helps in quality improvement and Content Optimization
  •       Evaluates content effectiveness and impact on income

Best Content Marketing Tools

With more and more businesses understanding the potential of content marketing for both their small and big companies, dozens of content marketing tools are mushrooming every day. When looking for one, you have a long list to choose from. Because of this, the chances are that you may get mixed up in the middle and end up making a tactical error.

So, here is where we come in. Out the thousands available; we have featured out 15 of the best content marketing tools that you can rely on. Check them out:


SEMrush is an excellent content management platform that can help you remain at the top of your game. Essentially, this tool enables you to access your competitors’ Google traffic and their keyword ranking. Apart from offering you an in-depth competition analysis,

SEMrush also gives you a good look at potential competitors and keyword research.

SEMrush is incredibly user-friendly. All you need to do is to enter your competitors’ web address in the SEO toolkit and see the keywords relevant to Google. This software offers many content management toolkits including:

  •       SEO Toolkit
  •       Advertising Toolkit
  •       Content Marketing Toolkit
  •       Competitive Research Toolkit
  •       Social Media Toolkit
  •       Management Toolkit


SEMrush comes with some subscription plans including:

  •       Pro ($99)
  •       Guru ($199
  •       Business ($399)
  •       Enterprise



One of the most comprehensive suite in terms of features for SEO and Content Marketing. No words for it. It has everything, from a tool content analysis (so that you don’t need Buzzsumo or Ninjaoutreach), website and competitor analysis with backlinks (so that you don’t need Semrush), keyword research (so that you don’t need Moz), and a audit feature (so that you don’t need Screaming Frog.)

If you want to succeed in SEO and content marketing, it is apparent that backlinks are as vital as the keywords. Generating valuable links is one thing, them creating the traffic you anticipate is another thing.

So, this is why for a content marketer Ahrefs Site Explorer is essential. This platform offers you a comprehensive insight into the value of your backlink thus enabling you to know its effect on your business, and how and where to double down on.

Pricing plans

Ahrefs Site Explorer comes with a 7-day trial version that charges $7. Additionally, it also offers four monthly premium plans which include:

  •       Lite ($99)
  •       Standard ($179
  •       Advanced ($399)
  •       Agency ($999)



Whether you want to track the incoming or the outcoming traffic of your links of your content or that from your content goes to another page, having a high-level link tracking and management tool is mandatory.

If for instance you want to send traffic from a content you’ve published to your app, you need a deep link to make sure you can send your users to a specific page in your the app store, while passing other data such as promo codes.

JotURL, not only makes it easy to create deep links, but it also adds other features such as retargeting and advanced analytics.



If you’re like me, you like writing stuff, not making videos. But yet, videos are a fantastic way to repurpose content, so what do you do? No worries, Lumen5 helps you create engaging videos for your social media by leveraging its AI.

Lumen5 is a powerful content marketing tool designed to help you to create videos advertising your brand. This tool targets inexperienced individuals with limited technical knowledge about their businesses by assisting them to create engaging videos.

From a content marketer perspective, there are some reasons why you need to incorporate this online video creation platform in your content marketing strategy. According to a Google analysis, the tide is shifting, and more and more people prefer to watch a video about a particular service or brand rather than spend hours reading a text.

With Lumen5, you can easily create a video from your existing blog posts. This online video creating tool comes with a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine that can guide you in choosing ideal video clips for your unique content.

Pricing plan

Lumen5 prices start from $49/month with an additional free version for those on a tight budget.


Thrive Architect

It always amazes me how Thrive Architect is so easy to use and affordable, but yet it can help you create high-level pages that before were exclusive of big corporations who could have afforded designers.

You can change every detail of the page thanks to this tool, creating good looking review pages, and making your content more readable. At just 69$/lifetime it is a steal!


With most online business having a conversion rate below 3% it is apparent that about 97% of website traffic is lost. So, to leverage on this, leading ventures are considering incorporating traffic trapping platforms in their marketing strategy.

Designed with easy to customize pop-up applications, Groove Jar is one of the best tools to increase email sign-ups. Utilizing the collect and convert features, like GrooveUrgent and GroovePop GrooveJar strategically sends out personalized email templates to revisiting clients. Apart from that, however, these advanced features also enable you to seamlessly collect subscribers’ emails, list them and finally highlight essential campaign targets.

Also, GrooveJar allows you to integrate other emailing tools (email service providers) like Send Grid, Infusion Soft, MailChimp and AWeber. Not enough yet, this platform comes with widgets that allow you to retrieve reviews from Google, Facebook, and yelp which can be displayed on the website to increase traffic.

Lastly, GrooveJar is designed with real-time apps analytics, enabling users to see recovered revenue, number of impressions and improved traffic. To stump up its user-friendliness, this content marketing tool executes your recommendations and suggestions through rapid renovations consequently acknowledging your contribution as a team member.


A super-user-friendly email marketing software for your campaigns. Coolest feature to me it’s the automation, perfectly integrated with eCom. Among the other unique features that you will find in MailChimp are a trackable subscriber’s opt-in source and a meticulous design capable of allowing you to create and seamlessly run Instagram and Facebook ads aimed at subscribers. Additionally, this email marketing software is also designed with hundreds of email templates and drag-and-drop email to monitor subscribing behaviors using UTM algorithms to support your content marketing strategy better.

With an autonomously running email sequence-curtsey of MailChimp, you can manage your business hands-free and enjoy a smooth hitch-less sales process. When it comes to processing and maintaining customer’s payment, tracking leads, re-engaging dormant subscribers and personalizing content, MailChimp is a super tool.

With a highly evolved notification system, this content management software will trigger a series of welcome emails to any new subscriber. Consequently, this enables you to advance objective campaigns regarding the subscriber’s behavior. Lastly, this software offers the, A/B testing.

Pricing plans

MailChimp offers three pricing plans. Essentially most content marketers subscribe to the free version which is just fine average marketing strategies. However, if you want more features and higher flexibility, you can consider the two premium plans available-grow ($10) and pro ($199) per month.


MeetEdgar is a simple content scheduling platform with one original feature. Autonomously function, this content marketing tool will automatically re-post your older content in case you run out of new posts. Apart from keeping your social media profiles always updated, this capability also enables your recently joined subscribers engaged with “older content.”

If you are pro content marketer, you clearly understand the importance of re-posting older content. Studies indicate that businesses that repost older content stand a chance of doubling their traffic. This is because content re-posting allows your information to permeate into the very customers’ hearts deeply.

Top features

  •       Unlimited content library
  •       A smarter content composer
  •       Color-coded categories
  •       Shorten links and track clicks
  •       Upload and edit in bulk
  •       Handy browser extension
  •       Native video support
  •       Auto-expiring content

Pricing plans

Starting from $49 per month

Tap Influence

Many content marketers consider Tap Influence as part of the future of marketing. For years Hollywood’s boldface and other influencers have been unknowingly marketing products. In a second, just one Instagram post from the crowd-moving Kardashian-Jenner family is worth thousands of dollars.

So, if you want to change your fortunes miraculously, TapInfluence may be your ultimate content marketing tool. Besides providing you with advanced demographic data, its powerful audience original feature also offers you a deeper insight into influencers’ DMAs, interests, and audiences. In addition to that, however, tap influencer is designed with a built-in program management capability that enhances actual campaign deployment and tracking.

Mostly, in the influencer’s database, there are hundreds of thousands of tools to choose from.  The cool thing is that the platform leverage IBM Watson to give you the best recommendation.


Tomoson is an ideal content marketing tool to employ if you are looking forward to scaling up your blogger outreach. With registered bloggers numbering in their thousands, you can connect directly with dozens of fellow bloggers for explicit promotions as well as selectively monitor your competitor’s traffic, twitter followers and Facebook-likes. In addition to that, Tomoson also allows you to advertise/post your reviews and products for giveaways.


Contently is a unique content marketing tool that solves the challenge of creating new content. Well, for an emerging content marketer, content production can be a real turn off, especially if your team is inexperienced.

Contently is not a tool but a top-notch content creating company. Unlike common content creators, Contently specializes in storytelling to develop your product. With leading customers like American Express, Philips, GM and TD Ameritrade on board, it is apparent that contently is a trusted company. To guarantee a seamless workflow Contently comes with a fully automated design that includes content management, editorial calendars, and incredible collaboration tools


Do you want to add dynamism to your content? Well, if so, you might like to consider AtomicReach. This user-friendly software focuses on conducting in-depth content analysis with the aim of evaluating its magnitude. This content marketing tool puts into consideration over twenty different factors to create an assessment chart (ranging between 0 and 100). After content analysis, Atomic Allay comes up with suggestions on how to improve the quality of your content.

Using advanced built-in editors, this software enables you to know the complexity or simplicity of your content and provides realistic advice on the needed changes. This improves the quality of your content consequently increasing your websites’ traffic.  So whether dealing with a general, specialist or academic audiences, Atom Ally will help you make the necessary adjustment to attract specific readers.



Idio is an excellent content marketing tool that offer you in-depth predictive analytics on general content audit, competitiveness, content strategy and performance. Additionally, this tool provides you with analytics on searches, dynamic segmentation, and social optimization.

With auxiliary features capable of providing you with sales intelligence, sales content and dynamic prioritization, Idio also doubles as a sales platform as it helps you in understanding customers purchasing behavior.


Arguably, Tagboard is more than a hashtag analyzing tool. This content marketing software permanently monitors (in real time) where your hashtags are being utilized and autonomously calculates the sentiments surrounding them. After that, you can then go ahead and collect the most prolific posts with positive comments thus creating your tagboards.

You can then magnify your finest and newest content by inserting these tagboards on websites and mobile apps. Showing them on large screen-displays is also a perfect idea to improve your traffic.

Apart from tracking hashtags, Tagboard is also a perfect tool that autonomously sends emails, finds content ideas and makes infographics.

Social Animal

The next content marketing tool is Social Animal. It helps you in researching top performing content on various social media platforms. Social Animal is designed with insightful features that autonomously analyze hundreds of blog posts to come up with the best ones. This is a perfect tool to rank yourself among your competitors.


Last but not least we have one of my absolute favorites, BuzzSumo. This user-friendly platform conducts an in-depth analysis giving you a bird’s view of your competitors’ performance concerning yours. Also, BuzzSumo gives you an insight of the treading content thus giving you an idea of what topics to go for. This helps you when doing editorial planning and scheduling.

With BuzzSumo, you can also find influencers’ for your company and even get a content notification (when competitor uploads content and when your keywords are mentioned).

Key features

  •       Find and Understand Influencers
  •       Content Alerts
  •       Competitor Analysis and Comparisons
  •       Content Curation
  •       Delivering Content Insights
  •       Advanced Filtering & Data Export
  •       View All Social Networks


Ubersuggest and MozPro

I add these two because they are free and very useful. They help you understand whether it makes sense for you to pour your efforts to rank for a specific keyword or not, and they also suggest you related ones that could be better or similar. Super-helpful.

Now I’m curious, what are your favorite content marketing tools?