Knowing your audience is a factor to be considered whenever you come up with an email marketing automation strategy.

Researching and understanding how your market moves is a core activity you have to master, regardless of the industry or type of business you have.

Part of any marketing strategy is reaching out to your audience through email marketing. This is where consumer email habits play a vital role.

Understanding your customer’s email habits will help you develop a more personal relationship with your audience while delivering more relevant marketing messages – all this at a fraction of the cost of a TV ad or billboard.

Here’s a list of consumer email habits you can keep in mind while planning your email marketing automation campaign:


Consumers share information if they get something in return

Build a healthy list of contacts to email to. Without it, you will find it hard to meet your objectives. Get people to share their information by providing money off discounts, percent discounts, free samples or free deliveries.

45% of surveyed millennial consumers stated that they tend to share their information because they get something in return – money off discount. Use this technique to draw more people to sign up and be part of your list. You can also use an email marketing automation to segment your list for a more thorough overview of the type of audiences you have in your existing list.


Consumers prefer to receive an email once a week

33% of surveyed consumers prefer to receive only one email from a retailer in a given week, as a study shows. It is smart to not bombard your contacts with emails every day as they may choose to unsubscribe, an act any business would like to avoid. With everyone’s busy schedule, it’s wiser to maintain a healthy number of contacts on your list rather than send them messages every day. Having to touch base with them at least once a week should be enough to keep your business in your audience’s mind.


Millennial consumers want to receive brand information via email

You have to admit, millennials form a big chunk of the email list you have for your business. And being tech-savvy than their older generations, you must learn how to maximize this situation by infusing good strategies into your email marketing plan.

It’s good to note that 65% of young consumers would like to know about brand activities through email. That’s good news as you know it can be easier to target millennials through email than any other means.


Consumers prefer to use their smartphones to check their email inbox

Ever since the introduction of smartphones, manufacturers have slowly found a way to integrate it into the daily routine of people – looking for a hotel, researching for school or work, and sending out emails.

Smartphones have been the go-to buddy whenever people are out and about.

With smartphones becoming more accessible to a wider set of audiences, it is no question that there has been a rise of when people check their emails while on the go.

In fact, 45% of people surveyed use their phone to check for work email and 63% use it to check their personal email.


Consumers will only open an email that’s relevant to them

Capture your audience’s attention by the subject line alone. Around 35% of email recipients say that they open an email based on the subject line.

This is one of the interesting consumer email habits that you should take note of as it moves your audience towards your email or away from it. Come up with witty, relevant and interesting offers to place on that subject line so that you can get one foot in the door, taking you one step closer to your desired outcome.

Use these habits to your advantage and improve the way you execute your plans. Refine your plans based on previously executed campaigns. With these consumer email habits in mind, you’re on your way to reaching your goals.


Quick Practical Tips

  1. Offer discounts or schemes to get your consumers to share their information. Build a good database and segment them accordingly so you can reach the right audience.
  2. Craft an engaging subject line. Capture their attention right away so you can stand out from a sea of promotional emails.
  3. Avoid long or large email content and attachments. Keep the journey fluid and seamless. Don’t keep them waiting and guessing for what you want to say.
  4. Personalize your email marketing. Amp up your email by personalizing it, like you’re actually communicating with the recipient. An email marketing automation can get you started with this.
  5. Time your emails well and make it relevant. Experiment on your campaigns. Check which times you received a higher open rate. Don’t forget to make your content relevant.


Dig deep into your email marketing automation strategies and maximize your campaigns to reach your bottom line faster and more efficiently.


Author Bio

Kimberly Maceda is a Content Writer for ActiveTrail. She writes for some top online marketing sites and blogging advice on email marketing and marketing automation. Activetrail is a leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses.