If you are advertising on Google, you’ll naturally want to maximize your return on your investment.

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, half-baked ad campaigns will no longer be enough to succeed.

The average digital advertising spend is increasing year-on-year, as Google and social networks have to appease more businesses – meaning the Cost Per Click is on the rise.

One of the best ways to increase your ROI and ensure your Google Ads is a success, is by focusing on your quality score, and so below, we’ve rounded up just some of the ways to optimize your score.


Create targeted ad groups

If you’re working on a pay per click marketing campaign, then you should design ad groups into small, targeted themes.

It’s so easy to go broad and hope for the best, but the key to success is to create relevant, targeted ad groups based on your keyword selections – in turn, this will allow you to create better quality ads that serve the wants and needs of your audience.


Choose the right keywords

If your keyword selection isn’t tight, then your quality score will suffer as a result.

Don’t forget about keyword combinations – the chances are that users aren’t going to search for ‘London tooting cake experts’, but they might search for ‘personalised cakes near me’.

Be sure to review the Search Terms Report in your account, as this will help you determine what keywords are being used, how relevant they are and how they can be used to drive traffic to your website – and, of course, increase your quality score.


Focus on the ad copy

To optimizing your quality score you need to have highly engaging ad copy that standout from the crowd and entices people to click through to your website to discover more.

Focus on one product or service so that you can really hone in on its benefits and unique selling points and remember that real people are going to be reading your ads – not algorithms.

Don’t stuff your add copy with too many keywords otherwise you risk driving people away from clicking through to your website. If you’re not sure what you should be writing, then work with a copywriter or PPC specialist for support.


Don’t neglect your landing pages

Don’t underestimate the power or importance of your landing pages.

It’s easy to consider a landing page a throwaway part of your sales funnel, but if your visitors aren’t impressed when they click through to your website, then they’re not going to stick around and your quality score will suffer.

Don’t forget about mobile-first design and A/B testing to increase conversions along with  engagements and follow best industry practices to ensure you’re getting the qualified leads you need.

Refreshing your landing pages every month or two will also help keep you ahead of your competitors.


Keep your ad groups small

In the PPC world, size matters. Although most PPC experts recommend using around 20 keywords per ad group, you shouldn’t always build your account around a template from Google, as every business is different.

It’s pretty tough to run an ad group with 20 relevant keywords, as you’ll end up losing potential leads because of incorrect targeting or ad copy.

Reduce your ad group sizes to 2 – 10 keywords per ad group and the results will follow – as is always the case in digital marketing, carefully analysis your audience data before making significant changes and A/B as much as you can to find new growth in your PPC account.


There you have it – just some of the ways in which you can improve your quality score in Google Ads and increase sales, customers and revenue.

Nobody is saying that Google Ads is a walk in the park – it requires hard work and experiments to succeed – but with the right strategy, it’s still one of the best lead generation techniques on the market.

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