Facebook is currently the highest-ranking social media platform when it comes to marketing. The platform has presently 2.5billion active users. Imagine if your product or services were put in front of those users.

During the entirety of this article, we are going to be discussing how to do Facebook ads (adverts) in 2020.

Before we get into the details, let us quickly take a look at the different types of Facebook Ads that you can create. 

If you want to learn in detail, you can click this link for a more in-depth look at each ad type.

  • Image Ads: This is a type of advert using images.
  • Video Ads: This is a form of advert where you use video clips to promote your brand. The clip usually isn’t long, and just a minute footage is enough for your video Ad.
  • Video poll Ads: This is a mobile-only type of Facebook ad. It is a newly introduced format of Facebook advertising.
  • Carousel Ads: This is a type of ad that allows you to use up to 10 images to showcase your brand. With this format, you can put together several photos to create a single large panorama image, just so as your audience can understand the benefits of your product.
  • Slide show Ads. This is an ad format whereby you create a short video clip from a collection of still images, or existing video clips.
  • Collection Ads: This is an ad only for mobile devices. This type of ad allows you to display a collection of five products that your customers can opt in to buy.
  • Instant experience Ads: These kinds of ads are mobile-optimized. They are designed to capture the audience’s attention. This ad allows viewers to watch videos, swipe through the carousel, and view photos with tagged products.
  • Leads Ads: They are mobile device-specific. It allows your audiences to drop their contact info without doing lots of typing. They are great for signing your customers up for trial products, and also for collecting newsletter subscription.
  • Dynamic Ads: This kind of ads allows you to promote your products to specific customers, who are most likely to buy your product. This ad targets audiences who have already visited your products page, or website but ended up not purchasing from you. It acts as a reminder to the customers to buy your products.
  • Messenger Ads: This ad gives you access to the 1.3billion monthly users of Messenger. When you create the ad, you choose Messenger as your direct placement.
  • Stories Ads: These are a full-screen vertical video format that allows you to share videos and photos that engage customers with your content.
  • Stories Augmented Reality Ads: This ad is new to Facebook. It uses features like animations and filters to engage customers to connect with your brand.
  • Playable Ads:  This is also a newly introduced ad. This one allows you to create a gaming experience that encourages customers to connect with your creative brand.

Now how do you create a Facebook ad?

Below we are going to be discussing the steps involved in successfully creating an Ad for your brand.

Create a Business Manager Account

First, you need to go to business.facebook.com, then that will take you to the Business Manager website. And after that, you can login with your details, and that will allow you to create a business manager account.

You need to do this first before you can create an Ad on Facebook. You can find everything here in this Facebook ad courses on how to successfully set up your account and get your campaign started. 


Start your Campaign (State your Objectives)

Now that you’ve created your business manager account, you now have access to the dashboard. You then navigate to the top left corner; there you will find the Facebook Ads Manager. You then login and select the Campaigns tab, then you click on create to get started with a Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook gives you 11 different marketing objectives based on what you want to achieve with an Ad.

There are as follows.

  • Brand Awareness: Introduce your product/ brand to new audiences.
  • Reach: Put your ad in front of millions of people, and possibly convert them to clients. 
  • Traffic: You can increase the traffic to your website, app, or Facebook messenger conversation.
  • Engagement: You can increase your reach and increase your engagements, page likes, and also spread the word about your event, and also get people to sign up for your offers. You can check this website for tips on increasing your ads engagement. 
  • App Installs: Introduce your app to people and get them to install them. 
  • Video Views: Showcase your videos to people and get more views and sales. 
  • Lead Generation: Reach potential clients and prospects by getting them interested in your brand with the use of your sales funnel. 
  • Messages: Make use of Facebook Messenger and encourage people to get in touch with your business. 
  • Conversions: Get new subscribers, customers, and clients by starting a conversion campaign. 
  • Catalog Sales: You can showcase your product catalog by running directs ads to potential clients looking to buy products online. 
  • Store Traffic: You can also let customers know exactly where you are located and encourage them to buy from you. 

With the different marketing objectives laid out above, you should be able to choose what you want your ad to perform.


Name your Campaign 

After choosing your Ad objective, you then scroll down, and there it will tell you to name your campaign. You can choose to name your campaign anything, but it is best to name it after your brand, and your campaign objective to remember the campaign when tracking the data for it.

Below you would also choose if you want to set up an A/B split test and also select if want budget optimization turned on.

You then choose how much your budget is for your ad. Beginners should run an ad with a $30 budget. This means that your ad will run for three days, for the price of $10 a day.


Create your Ad Sets

After naming your campaign, it takes you to the next page, the ad sets page. Your ad sets are basically your audience. Who are the kind of people you want to view your ads, what demographics do you want your ads to reach? And what country do you want your ads to be running in

Create your Ad

This is the final step. Here you need to know what kind of advert you want for your brand. Depending on your objectives, you will be presented with a few options of ad you can create. Make sure you create an ad that you feel would best connect with your audience and your brand.