Get into the brace position and listen up. On a serious note, there is no initiation for you and it is up to you to do accelerated learning.

Be your own judge and don’t assume that the most important social tool for credibility and information is your boss – those in critical administrative executive roles know more about organizational levels than most people.

It is vital that you add value to your skills and that you do it fast, but remember that your powers are a bit limited. It is, therefore, vital that you be ready to accept that real and big strategic changes happen with struggle and sweat and will often take years to see the results you want.

Ask the hard questions – by doing so, people will understand that you have an objective and that you won’t be ‘feathering your nest’.

Be honest and straightforward but do not be a clever clogs. It is highly unlikely that you’ll a total breakthrough thinking within such a short period.

You might have a new interesting approach, but present it with some modesty and humility. Most of the things may already have been given some airing; remember, it takes time and big budgets to do some real innovations.

Respect the struggles of others who have gone before you but don’t let that keep you from presenting new solutions.

Keep in mind that while you’ll be off in a couple of months, you might still want them to have you back. So, remain interested in their progress and stay in touch with ex-colleagues suggest Orion. It is also quite fun – it can get quite lonely rowing your own little boat.

Some of your best prospects will be with those people who already know or understand your work and can warmly recommend you to others. Do not forget that reputation is everything.

Prove to others that you are concerned about the sector by keeping active, staying involved and helping those who can’t pay you. As a participant in the sector, do your best to be a contributor of value and not just an extractor of the same.