Whether you’ve been working from home or a shared office space, moving into your own office as an entrepreneur is an exciting time.

Not only does it give you a permanent base for your business, but it encourages you to increase capacity and hire more staff, which in turn will increase output and profitability.

But before you do open an office, there are many things you need to take into consideration – and below, we’ve rounded up just a few of them…

Can you afford it?

The first thing to think about when opening an office for your marketing business is whether you can comfortably afford the rental payments.

Unless you’ve converted your garage into an office, the chances are that you’ll be renting your premises from a landlord, and you’ll need to factor these costs in your cash flow.

On top of rent, you’ll pay for gas, electricity, water, and insurance, so weigh up your options and decide whether it makes sense just yet.


Where can you park?

A major consideration when choosing the right office space for your business is parking – if you have to pay to park every morning or there are no nearby car parking spaces for your staff and guests, it can be tough to make the commitment to moving into a space full-time.

If possible, negotiate free spaces as part of your tenancy and reserve one or two for visitors.


Are there meeting rooms?

Something else to consider is whether there is adequate space for meeting with clients on your premises – if you’re simply renting an office that has room for a few desks, then you’ll have to meet clients in public spaces like coffee shops, which can be expensive over time.

Again, look around and find an office that has plenty of room for you to grow, and a space with room for a meeting table where you can impress clients and close marketing contracts.


Is your reception customer-facing?

If you’re renting out an entire building, you should consider whether you can build a ground-floor reception space to greet guests when they enter.

Whether you’re a bespoke agency or you accept clients on the fly, having a friendly face front of house gives the best first impression and ensures you don’t miss out on customers.

Granted, few marketing agencies get walk-in customers, but if you’re in the middle of town, it makes sense to have a receptionist to handle walk-ins.

How will your office look?

Finally, consider aesthetics and interior design – something all the more important if you’re a design agency and want to demonstrate your style.

As well as purchasing desks and comfortable ergonomic chairs, consider wall art and extra fixtures and fittings to give the place a professional and welcoming feel

You may even consider the benefits of laying new carpets from a company that offers pay weekly carpets to spread the cost over a couple of years rather than spending thousands of pounds upfront on decking out your office space.


Wrapping up

There you have it – just some of the things to consider when moving to a new office. We haven’t even touched on marketing your new space, ensuring each member of staff has their own space and break-out or chill rooms – so consider those, too.

Wherever you’re headed, we wish you the very best of luck with your new offices.