Every year, we hear about trends and changes in search engine optimisation, as well as the various ways in which those changes will be applied, so the year 2020 is no different in that respect. However, the question is, what will those changes be? Let’s find out as we delve deeper into those questions and how the answers might affect your business.


Google’s Algorithm Changes: Expect a Bunch of Updates in 2020

Just recently, on September 24th, Google released a major broad core algorithm update for its search engine, which could essentially cause havoc in the SERP rankings for a lot of websites, while others may not even experience any changes at all. It remains to be seen how this one pans out, but there’s no doubt about the fact that Google will follow up the major update with minor ones throughout 2020 to fix flaws, as and when they present themselves.


Small Businesses Will Need to Update and Augment Their SEO Strategies

Although the update isn’t anything that penalises any particular type of website, it will update the rankings in accordance with the latest developments, which may or may not put your site’s page ranking at jeopardy within the next few weeks.

To stay competitive, small businesses may need to reassess their marketing efforts via Google, and rethink their current SEO strategy to better accommodate the changes that will be in effect more actively as we head towards the next year. However, adequate preparations for new strategies should already be in the planning stage.

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Voice Searches Will Play the Role They Were Supposed to in 2019

Did the number of voice searches made via smart assistants increase? Yes, they did, and quite significantly as well, but it did not get the amount of use from the consumers as was expected. It was largely due to the limitations of AI than anything else, because people are looking to go handsfree with their searches if they can, but the artificial intelligence still has a lot to learn because its capability in terms of speech interpretation is still quite simplistic, and cannot yet be used for very complex keywords searches.

Come 2020, that’s going to improve, and even more so in 2021. The thing about AI development is that it is based on learning, also known as machine learning. Therefore, as more time passes on, the AI will get smarter, making intelligent voice search interpretations a more essential consideration for SEO experts with each passing year.


There are several other factors which will play a part in changing SEO next year, such as the need for quality content, which will increase significantly, or the fact that dynamic web design will become more important than ever in 2020. However, most of them are not exactly new introductions, since they have now been relevant for years now, but they will become more important aspects of devising SEO strategies than they are now.