The hottest topics regarding Adwords and PPC is smart bidding. Google is always pushing people towards its machine learning algorithm. In fact, Google is doing it more these days.

It seems that people are still on the fence about implementing full smart bidding. However, when it comes to scripts, we really do need automation. If you want to learn more about scripts, then continue to read on.


What are scripts?

AdWords scripts allow users to automate specific elements of their AdWords accounts via JavaScript. Scripts can be used for various procedures, such as interacting with external data. It can also be used to analyze complex data.

Scripts can help you make changes to your AdWords account. When you combine the speed of being able to make changes with the reporting capabilities that scripts are known for having, then you can get something amazing. Above all else, you’ll have something that can save you a lot of time.  If you wish to know more here’s how to automate Google Ads with scripts.


The best scripts

To get the full idea of how scripts work, and what they can do, it’s best to show you examples of them being used in the real-world. With that said, we have chosen what we believe to be the top three AdWords scripts. The top scripts we think you should consider using are:


Out Of Stock Checker

This is an eCommerce script. Businesses, both small and large, should use it. What you need is a campaign for specific products or you can set up individual ad groups. Doing this is incredibly easy.

What this script does it extracts info from landing pages of each product ad. After it does this, it looks for an out of stock indicator.

If the script finds an indicator, then bidding for that specific ad group will be put on paused. This means you won’t be wasting money and your customer won’t have a negative user experience, but do keep in mind that every site is different. This means you’ll have to do a little bit of editing in JavaScript, but it’s nothing rigorous.


Bid To Position

A lot of the automaton Google has implemented tends to focus on bidding. The bid to position script is exactly what it sounds like. It takes a look at campaigns’ recent performances, as well as ad groups. After it does this, it tweaks bid prices with the goal of helping you get the position you want on the results pages of Google.

For example, let’s say you tell the script that you want an average position of two. After you do this, it will find and collect ad groups that are below 2.1. Then it will increase the bids on them by 5%, and it will do this every single day.

This script is very easy to use and you can customize it. You can use the script to run specific campaigns or you can use to to be less aggressive with bid changes. Another good thing about the script is it can be used to comply with ad group bid limits, or it can not comply with the limits.


The 404 Page Checker

This is a warning script. The 404 script makes up a large subsection of scripts on AdWords. The script is useful because it can help you avoid wasted spend.

The 404 script checks your ads’ landing pages and then returns an error code. The code will usually be 404 or 400. You’ll also receive an email alert from the script.



When it comes to automation, it works the best when you combine it with analytical thinking and business insight. This is what we firmly believe. Just remember, machines can’t do everything.

However, you should still use scripts. Using them in AdWords is a good way to ensure your account runs smoothly. Plus, scripts may free up a lot of your time, which means you can focus on improving in the areas machines can’t handle tasks in.