Arguably 2019 is going to be one of the most competitive we have seen for digital marketers.

If you take a look at your 5 main competitors and there is a high chance that they are all using social media marketing as one of their main online marketing strategies.

At the very least they will have a pretty decent social media marketing presence with regular posts and updates on their timeline.

If you are one of the very lucky few that does not have this type of competition, then that does not mean you should reduce your efforts that go into social media marketing.

Instead, you should be boosting your efforts in this area of online marketing in order to make it extremely difficult for your competitors to catch up with your current social media presence.

Here are some tips for 2019 to keep your social media marketing rolling:

Use More Video and Live Streams

People are beginning to read less and less. Although social media marketing is great for quick short snippets of your services and special offers as well as other business activities, an increasing percentage of people usually stop at seeing your post. They are becoming immune to the effects of timeline advertising and tend to put off clicking through to your website until they eventually reverse any intentions of making a purchase.

The video is a great way to capture their attention. Of course, the video will need to be engaging, quick, fun, and persuasive in order to gain traction, so you will need to look at how other companies are using video to build a successful brand name.

Influencer Marketing

If you have not already started to do so, you should start to build relationships with influencers within your marketplace. This is something many businesses tend not to research or touch. However, over the course of 2018, it proved to be one of the most successful online marketing strategies of the year.

There are so many new software tools out there that allow you to modify how you reach influencers as well as group them into communication segments. These software tools have allowed even the smallest of businesses rise and even become influencers themselves.

Start to Use Instagram

Instagram is said to have over 1 billion users active every month over 2018. Twitter only has one-third of this number of users per month, so you can imagine just how powerful finding a way to utilise Instagram is going to be for your business. Now yes, Instagram is all about pictures, but that does not mean your business cannot find a way to take advantage of this.

Infographics are one way to get your business offering recognised online. They are powerful, can show exactly how your services work in a nutshell, and you can use the messaging service provided by Instagram to get in contact with people that have shown an interest in your Instagram posts.

Should you choose to ignore this platform, one or several of your competitors may not, and so you may be missing out on a potentially huge marketplace here.

Increase the Popularity of Your Social Media Platform

Across the pond, in France, there is a company that is helping businesses that are only just getting started with their Social Media presence online called They service UK, Spanish, Italian, German, and of course the French markets. What the company does is help businesses increase the number of followers, likes, and so on to beef up their social media account.

The reason any company would do this is people tend to avoid new business pages with low followers and a low number of likes. It is a matter of trust to a certain extent. People do not want to associate themselves with a business that is not popular. Therefore, some businesses that are only just starting out with social media have been finding it difficult to persuade people to like or follow their social page.

On the other hand, if the business has a lot of likes and followers, social media users feel they don’t want to miss out. If there are a large number of people interested/following a business, users will often want to know what all the fuss is about and follow the page to see if any interesting posts pop-up.

There are four very good tips here that you should consider putting your effort into researching. They are all going to help your business succeed in 2019 if you can find the right formula for each one and make them work to your business’s advantage. If you choose to remain with the same marketing tactics that you were using in 2018 and not expand on what you have already currently achieved, then the chances are you will limit your business’s potential to grow. Try not to be one of those companies!