Here are two facts.

The process of delegating all aspects of the social media process is risky.

Using the native tools and processes of social media platforms is time-consuming.

Imagine if the best post time for your target audience is 7 am in the morning. Who would start their workday just to publish a single Instagram post? 

Heck! Without the use of SM automation tools, you won’t even be able to understand THE RIGHT posting times for your audience. 

Using automation tools also improves your productivity, turnaround times and might lead to the discovery of new opportunities. 

To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the best automation tools for Social Media platforms that you can start using RIGHT NOW. 

Let’s get started! 


The Top 5 Social Media Automation Tools EVERY Business Should Use 

Here are the top 5 tools we suggest every business should use for social media. 


HootSuite is the most powerful and infamous social media automation tool. 

Scheduling posts on all major platforms, powerful analytics, and paid media management are all possible with HootSuite. 

Among the plethora of helpful features, the tool also allows you to easily and securely manage your team and content. 

You’ll never forget to post again with HootSuite! 


A lot of brands miss out on the power of social media monitoring. 

With Mention, as their motto says, you’ll never miss a conversation about your brand. 

Among a number of powerful features, this tool is great for the automation of social media critical responses. 

These are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do using the app. 

  • Be prepared for any sentiment building out on social media 
  • Answer negative posts going viral before they’ve affected your business 
  • Ride the way of positive sentiment the moment it starts building up 

Especially if your brand is just starting to grow, you wouldn’t want to miss out on hearing everything people want to say about your business. 


Are you out of ideas? Don’t know what to share on Social Media? BuzzSumo would be the right tool for your business. 

It helps you be constantly up to date with the most engaging stories within your industry. 

BuzzSumo separates the stories in different categories and platforms, allowing you to drive further insights about what works and doesn’t work within your industry. 

It’s a must-have for any business that has a content-first approach to their digital presence. 


Want to incorporate all of your social media platforms under a single roof? SocialPilot might be the best choice. 

The tool is built for the ground up to consolidate a campaign for publishing across multiple platforms. 

With powerful collaboration features and integrating with all popular social media platforms, SocialPilot is an amazing tool for the automation of cross-platform marketing campaigns. 

In addition, the automation tool gives you detailed analytics and customization options to ensure it fits the daily marketing operations of your business. 


Are you an Instagram-first brand looking to skyrocket the number of followers of your brand account? Iconosquare is a must-have social media automation tool. 

Focusing only on Facebook and Instagram allows Iconosquare to offer businesses like yours an all-in-one social media solution. 

With its content calendar, you’ll be able to automate your publishing. 

At the same time, its analytics and social media monitoring features will allow you to stay up to date with all of the important insights you need. 



16 Additional Social Media Automation Tools For Your Business 

Of course, we must also acknowledge the amazing alternatives for social media monitoring, scheduling and more. 

Looking for a quick way to schedule your social media posts, including your Instagram Stories and video posts? can quickly help you do it. 


Can’t keep track of the stories you’ve read? A Pinterest for content and blogs, Pocket is a great way to save stories, find new ones and potentially automate sharing on social media. 

Sprout Social 

A fully-featured social media toolkit, Sprout Social is perfect for easy content calendar automation. It has additional features, such as social media monitoring and listening. 


Similar to HootSuite and SproutSocial, AgoraPulse is here to serve as your all-in-one social media solution. Its distinct feature? AgoraPulse has an amazing visually-enticing way to gain insights from your analytics. 

Looking for an alternative to BuzzSumo? helps you easily find and scoop up interesting and engaging content from various sources. 


A perfect tool for your content marketing department, CoSchedule is an easy to use collaborative calendar scheduling tool. It has WordPress compatibility, Social Media integration, and staff management options. 


Allowing you to easily track keywords and hashtags on Social Media, Socialert is an easy to use social media listening tool. It also allows you to easily collect and automate your User-Generated content marketing flow. 


Tired of finding prospects and liking posts on Instagram? Kicksta is an amazing tool focused on Instagram growth that allows you to boost your natural growth in an authentic and automated way. 


Similar to HootSuite, Buffer is an amazing content scheduling automation tool for Social Media. It is perfect for finding the best time to post. 


A tool built for Twitter audience management, CrowdFire is a great way to automate your unfollowing and following procedures on Twitter. 


Looking for a free tool to make your Twitter social media listening easier? TweetDeck is a great choice. It allows you to easily set up hashtag, keyword and brand name listening with just a few clicks. 


Looking for a tool that is built for Pinterest automation? Tailwind is just that. It allows you to schedule your content, derive insights from your analytics and even suggests the best times to post. 


Supporting a wide range of integrations, Sendible is an amazing way to automate your content flow. It even has Customer Response Management features. 


Looking for new ideas for your social media posts? AnswerThePublic is an amazing way to find just what your audience is interested in learning about your industry. 


Built for social media automation, DrumUp allows you to repeat posts, automate your content schedule and receive relevant content suggestions for your social media channels. 


Want to consolidate and automate your marketing data from all of your social media channels? Sprinklr allows you to do just that. 

There are tons of tools with a diverse amount of additional features that are built to improve your marketing workflow. It’s up to you to decide what to pick depending on your business needs. But whichever you choose, ensure that you use it to your full advantage.

Author Bio: Houston Golden is the Founder & CEO of BAMF, where he led the company from $0 to $3M+ in revenue in its first two years and has built a proven process for turning clients into LinkedIn Influencers through viral content that has generated over 300M+ organic views. He enjoys yoga, running and surfing, along with playing his ukulele and dreaming of new business ideas and being a father is his favourite