Are you looking forward to starting your career as a software developer? It is one of the most challenging careers but can reward you with amazing experiences in the long run. Therefore, it is worth to become a software developer and start working for one of the reputed companies out there in the world.

When you are offering a software development service, it is important to learn some basic things. These basic things can contribute a lot towards the success of your deliveries. If you don’t have a clear understanding of them, you are encouraged to go through this checklist. We will let you know about all the basic things that you will need to keep in mind as a software developer.


Emotional intelligence

When you are working as a software developer, you will need to work as a part of a team. That’s where emotional intelligence comes into play. With emotional intelligence, you will be able to identify the emotions and control the emotions in an effective way. You will not just be able to identify your emotions, but also the emotions of the other people that you are dealing with. With this, you can effectively work on the deliveries and you offer the best software development service for the clients who are in need at the end of the day.


Big-O notation and algorithms

In order to become an effective software developer, you need to be aware of data structures and algorithms. That’s because you will need to maintain standards when moving forward with the implementations. You need to make sure that you use the standard libraries correctly with the software development activities. On the other hand, there are instances, where you will come across the need to get individual solutions. Having a clear understanding of data structures and algorithms can help you with that.


Project management

There will be a project manager in the software development team that you are working with. However, there is a need for you to have a basic understanding of project management. It can contribute a lot towards the success of the work that you do as a software developer.

When you start working as a software developer, you will be provided with a lot of tasks to work on. Therefore, you come across the need to organize these tasks. In addition, you will need to work along with the tech leads and understand how to proceed with these tasks. When you are aware of project management, understanding the tasks that you have to do and organizing them will become more efficient. Therefore, you will be able to move forward with your own estimations as well and make sure that you deliver the developments in a timely manner. Therefore, you will be able to ensure your success as a software developer in the long run.


Development paradigms

As a software developer, you should also be aware of the mainstream software development paradigms. That’s because you will come across different projects and you will need to use different languages while you are working. Therefore, it is important to use the appropriate development paradigms according to the situation. But if you are not aware of the development paradigms, you will get stuck and you will not know what to apply with the development activities that you are being provided with.


A basic understanding of software security

Just like a basic understanding in project management, you should also have a basic understanding of software security. As a developer, it is one of your responsibilities to make sure that the application you develop is secure. While focusing on the performance and functionality, you will have to pay your attention towards the security aspect as well. With a basic understanding of software security, you will be able to eliminate a large number of issues that can arise in the long run. It can also contribute a lot towards your credibility as a software developer.


Software development tools

As a software developer, you will come across the need to use a variety of tools. Therefore, you need to have a good picture of the software development tools in your mind. Then you will be able to select the most appropriate tool according to the requirement that you come across. The available software development tools can be divided into several categories.

Some of them include software and database design, requirement management, build and deploy software configuration management, development, continuous integration, profiling, debugging, and testing and code analysis. Then you can easily understand what tool that you need to use when you come across a specific situation in software development. In addition, you need to be aware of the operations tools as well. They include the penetration testing tools, network analysis tools, network monitoring tools and log file analysis tools. Then you can easily perform a major role throughout the software development lifecycle and make sure that you are a perfect candidate for a software developer, which every project manager is looking for.


Software testing

Even if a designated quality assurance engineer is there to test your developments, you shouldn’t ignore developer testing. Once you complete the development, you should do developer testing. In here, you need to make sure that the functionality has been developed according to the requirements of the client. In addition, you need to make sure that you have written the code while adhering to the coding standards. Then you can do a load test as well and make sure that it is good enough to be passed on to quality assurance.



This is a high-level checklist of software development, which every developer should be aware of. If you can keep these basics in your mind, there is a high possibility for you to end up with amazing results in the long run.