If you want to make more money from your business and cut costs where you can, then you have come to the right place: we’ve rounded up four ways to make your firm more efficient.

Allow telecommuting

Rather than spending thousands on an expensive office block tenancy, consider letting your staffers work from the comfort of their own homes – at least a couple of days per week.

From their perspective, they’ll feel more loved and valued, as you’ll be offering them flexibility and the ability to choose where they work best, and for you, it can create motivated, productive staff, and cut in-office costs like heating, electricity, insurance, and rent.

Be sure to strike the right balance, though, and have procedures in place to monitor your employees’ workloads.

Outsource your IT

If you have an in-house technician for your business who spends the majority of their time watching YouTube videos and waiting for a computer to malfunction, then consider laying off staff and instead relying on IT Support Services.

A contract with a professional IT company will save you thousands a year, as you’ll only pay for support as and when you need it, rather than worrying about making ends meet with an additional member of staff.

The even better news is that, as your business grows, you can continue to rely on outsourcing rather than having to worry about recruiting, training, development, insurance, and pensions. A win-win!

Cut the perks

The chances are that your employees aren’t taking the best advantage of their perks, so you could cut them or remove them from your offering. For example, if you’re part of an employer perks scheme that rewards staff with vouchers and cinema tickets, do some research and work out how much value staff gets out of them.

Same goes for in-office perks – do you need high-end coffee machines, or can you make do with instant coffee? Find a balance between cutting back whilst making staff feel valued and appreciated – small perks like free drinks can make a big difference to morale, so don’t get rid of them for the sake of a few pennies.

Stop relying on paid marketing

Whether you’re a dentist or a business development specialist, the chances are that you’re using paid advertising to promote your business online. Pay-per-click and social media ads are a great way to spread the word about what you do and find new customers, but it can be expensive and it’s like renting a house – you pay every month and get little back in return.

If you’re looking to become a more efficient business, focus on search engine optimization and work with a link building specialist who can help your business climb to the top of Google and Bing naturally – without the need to pay for your placements.

It can take some time and be expensive in the short-term, but long-term, it offers significant returns and makes your firm more streamlined and efficient, as you’ll not have to rely on advertising to secure leads.

How else are you making your business more efficient? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know on Twitter using @MuffinMarketing, and check back soon for more business advice.