If you are interested in driving more traffic to your website and improving your search engine results, you may want to consider the idea of producing a high-quality corporate film.

Video content marketing has become a very powerful force in the marketing industry. Trying out the use of a corporate film on a landing page or on the main page of your website can actually bring about some incredible advantages. Here are some of the top 10 benefits of using video on your business website.


It is simple to deliver your message

Delivering a message to anyone that’s going to access your website instantly becomes easier with the help of a high-quality corporate video. This type of content is often used to get a message across such as demonstrating your product, explaining complex information or sharing more about your brand.

Video should never be an instant replacement for written content but it can be a fantastic way that you can strengthen the message of your brand and present information in a new format for your customers. You can often present more in a 30-second video then you would over the course of a full page of content.

The best news is that video content can be really cheap. By using free resources such as non-copyrighted music in your video, you can create an effective, professional-looking corporate video for less than £100.

Bringing new visitors from search engines

Search engines are beginning to favour video content and any new video that you publish over video sharing sites like YouTube can often be indexed with other content on the platform. By having high-quality video content, this gives you another chance to attract visitors from search engines.

Engaging content for your visitors

It can be tough for a customer to feel actively involved with your brand when they are just reading through press releases or advertising content. Welcoming your customer to your page with a corporate film is good for engagement with your customers.

Entertaining content

A corporate film can be one of the best ways that you can attract new visitors by producing entertaining content. If your video goes viral it’s going to appear very highly in search engine results and this can lead to more people being entertained and more chances that your brand can get noticed.

Bringing traffic back to your website

If you’re regularly producing content that is valuable for your viewers, there’s a good chance they are going to keep visiting your website. By offering continuous value in your videos, you can work at encouraging a number of buying actions as well as drawing traffic back to your page.

Adding to your brand voice

Corporate videos aren’t all about making money or SEO, the video content that you produce can actually contribute to your brand voice. A video is an excellent way that you can introduce more about your company, its employees, the environment and your brand itself.

Standing out from the competition

If you produce a professional corporate film, this can instantly give you an edge on some of your competition. By producing a high-quality film you can work at boosting your notoriety and professionalism.

Authenticity of your brand

Getting interviews with real clients and showing people using your products can deliver extra authenticity for your brand. If people only see photos or mockups of what you produce, it can often be difficult for them to connect with your ideas. Seeing your products in real-life situations at hearing testimonials from your customers can give you a greater voice and develop social proof that what you have to offer really does work.

Maximizing your business reach

When a corporate film goes viral or when people really start to recognize the quality of the content you are producing, you can maximize your reach and capture new audiences. Your video might get featured on an industry page or social network and this can work as a new advertising source.

Archiving your history

Corporate films can offer support for future marketing campaigns. You can look back on some of your previous videos and operations and show how far you’ve come. Being remembered for corporate videos and featuring some of your early content can really show your customers how hard you’re willing to work to accomplish your goals.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are many benefits to working on corporate films and producing these films for any company.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your iPhone, DSLR or video camera and get cracking. Failing that, speak to a professional agency who can help you craft the right story for your video and can get it in front of the right audience so that you see great results from your video. Best of luck with your video campaigns.

About the Author

Paul Furlong is the Creative Director of Opus Media, a marketing agency specialising in TV advertising, online video, photography and CGI.