Almost all businesses can benefit from telephone answering services – here are some that can do so the most.


Corporate Businesses

Large corporations tend to have a well-staffed and dedicated reception that manages calls. But even the company with the largest, functional reception can benefit from the extra support of telephone answering services that cannot be offered from the in-house staff. A phone answering service can help provide, professional and impartial management of telephone lines such as those dedicated to whistleblowing and reporting of accidents.

It is not uncommon for some inquiries not to reach the business’ lines during the office hours. With the phone call answering service, you have a team always ready to respond to all calls thus keeping you from extending the office hours for the customer service departments.


E-commerce Companies

E-commerce companies have to be on the lookout for their various channels that are linked to delivery. For instance, a business that operates an online platform offering direct customer consumption should do its best to maintain the level of customer interaction it holds with customers through the phone. By outsourcing a segment of the areas of communications related to calls, E-commerce companies can have a significant portion of their workforce focused on the primary objectives to ensure the quick and satisfactory delivery of customer services. Therefore, there will be an instant response to complaints and queries since these are directed to specially trained telephone operators.

The telephone answering service will help reduce the waiting time for complaints as they come through thus prevent customers from getting impatient and having an engaged tone because they are getting frustrated. Such immediate response that helps provide solutions to enquires helps boost the business’ image and reputation while minimizing overhead costs.


Medical Practices

All medical practices – whether doctors, dentists or vets – have to content with the need to have a functional reception at all times so that calls are handled accordingly. But how well will the reception staff fair when faced with an overflow or phone calls? That is where the telephone answering service becomes an essential resource.

Given the fact that medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly at any given hour, it is essential for medical practices to have personnel ready to answer emergency calls and offer adequate assists. The service ensures that all patients that call will have their calls answered without being put on hold because lines are busy or there isn’t someone on the other end. Outsourcing the management of calls also helps ease the booking of appointments. The team tasked with handling the calls abide by the rules of patient-doctor confidentiality. They are also empathetic and understanding. AnswerFirst offer the best service of this kind for this industry.


Facilities Management Companies

Facilities Management companies can similar benefits of hiring the phone answering services that landlords and real estate agents do. They can use this service in areas such as arranging visits from window cleaners, groundskeepers, janitors and other property maintenance service providers that care for their facilities. The phone answering services will help ensure there are consistent, clear channels of communications to help reduce slip-ups when arranging for services and meetings.



Restaurant and many eatery joints require continuous floor attendance, especially during the peak hours. Such level of attendance includes having a team ready to answer calls from clients trying to make reservations or inquiries about the menu and stock deliveries. However, having one or two members of the staff handling this will only help to some extent in far as the handling of numerous calls simultaneously is concerned.

To prevent the restaurant staff from having to tussle between accommodating the customers and attending to calls, outsourcing the latter to telephone answering services will ensure that adequate attention is given to the former. Such a move will help streamline and maximize customer services thus increasing the number of reservations which means better business for the restaurant.



A business in the retail sector will trade with many different customers, and thus it gets many calls that inquire about various things such as the opening hours, the availability of stocks among other things. Such a company can benefit from outsourcing calls to a phone answering services firm that will be tasked with fielding the enquires. In so doing, you can direct your attention to the customers in your retail store.

Excellent customer service is should not only be evident when dealing with clients on the store floor but also over the telephone. With the phone answering service, the business is capable of excelling in the former while delivery as expected for the latter. As such, the service can be a resource that helps to improve the delivery of customer service across the board.


Recruitment Firms

One of the significant challenges recruiters have is getting hold of potential candidates. Some of these candidates are still taking full-time classes or have full-time employment that makes it hard for them to pick calls. The telephone answering service can help remedy this by stepping in and handling the call-backs that are made from the candidates during the off-hours or the weekends. Outsourcing this to a phone answering services agency that works 24/7/365 means that every call is answered and it allows the recruiters some deserved time away from work.