Charities and non-profits do incredible work – we all know this. You choose to focus on making the world a better place by aiding those in need. One of the biggest challenges faced by your organisation is that you rely on the generosity of others to do the work that you do.

This challenge is compounded by the sheer number of similar organisations needing those same funds to do their great work. This is why you need a strong marketing strategy so that people can learn about and support your efforts.

The key to this strategy is great content – like blog posts. These long-form articles can help you to tell your story and win over supporters of your cause. Don’t worry, if you’re short on blog post ideas we are here to help!

Here are some great content marketing ideas for your charity or non-profit.


Share your Mission

This may seem obvious, but it’s a great place to start! The point of this content is to tell the reason behind what you do in more depth than a marketing slogan or short tweet. Delve into why the charity started, the motivations behind the work that you do, and why you are so passionate about this particular cause.

This story may inspire compassion in people to help with your cause.


Share your Success Stories

There is an unfortunate stereotype that charities really don’t do much. Don’t worry, we know this isn’t the case. The good news is that you can use blog content to correct this misconception! Use your blog to share the great work that you’re doing. If you build 20 homes, write about it. If you host a large food drive, write about it. If you rescue struggling animals from tough conditions, write about it!

People won’t know about the great work that you do if you don’t tell them about it.


Highlight your Staff

Your staff are the heart of your organisation. They are in everyday working to help you achieve the mission of your charity. Profiling them as part of your marketing will add a human face to your organisation and make the public more empathetic to your organisation and your cause.


Showcase your Volunteers

If your staff are the heart of your organisation, your volunteers are the soul. They are those so inspired that they give up their free time to help. To thank them, why not profile them on your blog? This way you can say thank you and share the great work that they do. Sharing these stories will show how great it is to volunteer with you and encourage others to do the same.


Celebrate your Donors

Next, we have your donors, the lifeline that keeps everything afloat. Whether it’s individual or corporate donors, celebrate them on your blog. Share why they support you and their overall story as a thank you.


Profile those you Help

Another great source of content is the people that you work so hard to help. Whether they have two legs or four legs, it’s important to share the stories of those that you’re aiding. These stories will educate people about the issue that you’re trying to address and will help to recruit more support for your efforts.


A day in the Life

Day in the life content is a great way to have some fun and peel back the curtain behind what your organisation does. This could be anyone from the founder or CEO to a regular volunteer. Follow this person around for a day and share the goings-on at your organisation.

You don’t need to cover the boring details like emails and run of the mill activities, but don’t inflate the facts either. Find the interesting stories in the every day and find the actions that keep things ticking over.


Talk about other Organisations and Partners

If you partner with other organisations, why not shake things up and talk about their work instead? This is a classy move that showcases that you care about the community at large, not just the cause that gets you up in the morning. After all, you all have the same goal – to make the world a better place.



When it comes to creating content for your charity or non-profit, there are plenty of options available to you. If you feel that in between being great and saving the world that you’re short on time to create content, you can always get help from affordable content writers.