As a fitness instructor or personal trainer, you’re only as good as the number of clients you have. In most cases, they will form the backbone of your business and your income.

In days gone by, you’d only be competing with the other trainers in the gyms where you worked. Thanks to the internet, however, you are now competing with online trainers, classes, influencers, and other free content.

While of course there is no substitute for the hands-on approach, these supposed quick fixes can be harmful to your business. This is why you need a strong content marketing strategy and the help of affordable content writers.

If done right, this content can help you to compete in the market, build a loyal base of regular clients, boost your class attendance, and even scale your business!

Don’t worry, if you’re short on creative ideas you’ve come to the right place.


Build Trust

One of the biggest hurdles that you’ll need to overcome in today’s market is proving your value. You’d be surprised how many people think that they can get the results they want after reading a few articles and watching a video or two.

After this method, they often find they don’t get what they were looking for. The thing is – people know that a PT is the best option, they just aren’t certain whether it will be worth their money. This is where the following pieces of content can help.


Workout Suggestions

“Doing something is better than nothing” is a saying that is often applied to exercise. The thing is, not everyone has the same goal when it comes to exercise. Some people want to lose weight, others want to build muscle, some want to tone up, and the list goes on.

What we’re saying here is that cooker cut advice won’t cut. All the information on the internet is no good if you don’t know how to apply it to your goal. This is where you can help. For example, you can provide specific exercises for those who may want to tone their legs or increase their upper body strength.

Providing specific advice is a great way to build your reputation and attract clients.


Tips and Tricks

Everyone is guilty of slacking on their form in the gym. People also aren’t confident in how to structure a workout or how to get the most out of their workouts. This is where you can help. Think about your audience, and what tips would be most helpful for them.

This could be how to do the perfect squat, how long to spend on a treadmill to burn a certain amount of calories, the best pre/post workout stretches, or anything else that may be helpful. For instructors, this content can be greatly beneficial, as you can help your audience get more out of their classes.


Nutrition Info

As a trainer, you know that diet is the most important factor in achieving a fitness goal. Understanding what you’re eating, counting calories, and finding healthy recipes specific for you can be tough.

This is where you can help! Providing content that informs your audience about nutrition and gives them the information that they need to make better choices and achieve their goals. If you can earn their trust, your audience may soon pay you for regular nutritional advice.



Given that you’re managing your own personal brand, you can basically do whatever you like. If you want to take a break from your typical content, why not have some fun?

Gym and workout culture is an area that is rich in comedic potential, so if you are short on ideas you can take advantage of this. For example, there are TikTok trends that join,  people in the gym that you can parody, and endless memes that you can create to entertain your followers.

Pro Tip; if you can build a large audience on social media with comedy, this gives you a large audience that can try to turn into clients for your business.


Myth Busting

There are a lot of myths in the health and fitness industry. From dodgy supplements to ineffective exercises and everything in between, it can be quite easy for people to take in false information by accident.

This is where you can help! If you can offer facts on the latest fads, and help to dispel any misinformation, you can become a trusted source amongst your audience. If you are going to create this content, make sure you research everything thoroughly, share your sources, and be ready to update anything that you share if need be.


Client Success Stories

Everyone loves a good before and after shot. Showcasing your client’s success stories will inspire your audience to achieve their goals and also highlight the results they can achieve with your help!

Try to make these personal and really highlight the journey of your client. This will be much more appealing than you basically telling everyone how great you are.



The “two heads are better than one” is a strategy that you can apply to your content creation. Creating content with another PT allows you both to benefit – they get access to your audience, and you get access to theirs!

Try to work with someone who offers something different to you. For example, if you’re a spin class instructor, work with a yoga pro. This way you can avoid overlapping target markets and instead offer something new.


Final Thoughts

Whatever content you choose to create, the most important thing to consider is your audience. Make sure that your content offers value and builds trust in your expertise. This is the best way to build your business through content. If you don’t have the time, why not outsource your content marketing to the team at Muffin Marketing?