When a potential customer or a client visits your website or reads any of your media the main objective is to help them understand and absorb as much information about what your business can do for them. One of the main challenges for creative media firms is being able to reach the target market in as few words as possible. At the same time, media businesses need to take into account that the one size fits all methods of the past do not work. This is why there is a growing demand for media companies around the world.

The Buyer Behavior Process

Design media companies are a combination of both graphic designers and experts in communication art. In addition to this, many creative media companies are also heavily invested in market research and industry development. For example, most marketing companies understand the buyer behavior model, which is a chart that maps out the stages a person will go through before they make a purchase.

Each stage in the buyer behavior model can be broken down into further areas of study. Furthermore, the process changes depending on whether the purchase is being made by an individual or whether it is related to a business to business (B2B) purchase. Furthermore, demographics and geographics play a part. The culture of the country the business is being conducted in, the gender, age, and economic state of the country or area are all areas a creative media company needs to research before producing a final design that helps their clients’ customers understand the service being offered.

Learning Lessons From Advertising

What has effectively happened in the media industry today is adverts have become a part of people’s everyday lives. We see so many of them that we tend to grow immune to them. This has changed the media industry entirely. Now advertisers are looking at ways to capture people’s attention whereas in the past simply a few posters, billboards, TV ads, and newspaper ads were enough.

In order to capture people’s minds and imagination, the information provided in print and online today is getting smaller in quantity. The large majority people do not have time to read long articles about what a service does or product does when they are in the “Need recognition & Problem Awareness” stage of the buyer behavior process. This is where the infographic was born and the need for graphic designers to create media that explains a service in a few short words and images.

The Power of Design and Infographics During Information Search and Evaluation of Alternatives

In order to push people through to the “Information Search” stage of the buyer behavior model, a good infographic can be the answer. Emedia Creative Designers Sydney is an expert company at creating ads and graphic artwork that helps to persuade people to move into the “Information Search” stage. According to their philosophy, even during this stage of the buyer behavior model, it is important to help the person looking for information about the product or service to quickly absorb the information produced here.

For example, if you are an insurance company selling a medical plan, then there would be a table of medical conditions covered, plan options, excess to be paid, and what is covered under the plan. This enables the person to scan through the information quickly. It also helps with the “Evaluation of Alternatives” stage of the buyer behavior process. Companies go out of their way to design tables and infographics to make this stage of the buying process as easy as possible.

Other infographics may go into detail more about a service or product by linking from the main infographic that attracted the person to move into the “Information Search” stage.

The Importance of Creative Media Agencies

In short, there are various stages of the buyer behavior model that creative design companies need to dissect. Once dissected, the delivery of information is continuously modified and shortened in order to help the buyer absorb as much information as possible in order to understand what is on offer within the shortest period of time.

Each infographic and image as well as accompanying text helps move the buyer to a quicker purchase decision at which stage “Post Purchase Evaluation” becomes as important as the previous stages because buyers need to like the product in order to spread the word and help the business selling the product or service build a positive brand image.