Whether you are running a SaaS business, a web design company, a marketing agency or a fashion website, businesses of all kinds and sizes are solely dependent on web traffic conversions to generate revenue. Therefore, it is important to receive massive traffic from search engines and PPC campaigns to bolster your chances of getting more leads and higher profits. Your website will get conversions when your website visitors take the desired action. Your website conversion rate will increase when more and more visitors complete the purchase, add items to a shopping cart or save items to buy later.

If your website visitors are not doing these actions, it’s time to revise your e-commerce web design and marketing strategy. When your e-commerce website is seeing alow conversion rate, start making these changes to your website.


Add the Trust Factor

When it comes to increasing the conversions of your website, it is important to build trust among your target visitors. People won’t buy your products or services and trust your brand if you don’t use any trust mark, social proof, and SSL on your website. Adding customer testimonials and user-generated content on your website has a significant impact on the buying decisions of your prospects. Using product reviews, Instagram photos, and products in action, you can encourage prospects to take a purchase action.

If you want people to consider your brand to fulfill their needs, start using customer testimonials and UGC on your business website. Users’ reviews and UGC can build trust and give credibility to your brand, so take advantage of them and drive more sales.


Use High-Quality Images

Whether you care to believe it or not, images are the most important part of your e-commerce web design and matter the most to your website conversions. Catchy and interesting images can grab the attention of your prospects and help you reach the conversion goals that you are planning to achieve for your e-commerce website. Make sure that the products you use on your website are clear, interesting and professionally captured. Using low-quality, blur images can break your brand image. Product videos can also be used to increase user engagement and convince customers to make a purchase decision.


Change the Color of Your CTA Buttons

CTA buttons are a vital component of your e-commerce site. When used right, they can do wonders. If your CTA buttons are not encouraging visitors to take the desired action, what’s the point of using them? A well-designed CTA button can help you generate the results that you want. Incorporating high-converting CTA buttons that generate more conversions is a sensible approach that every online marketer should follow.

Give much importance to the colors, fonts, text, and the placement of your CTA buttons, as these factors play a key role in helping visitors decide whether or not to click. You have a limited real estate to convey to users why they should click the button and what benefits they will get by clicking on it. Remember, if you want people to click on your CTAs, make every possible effort to make them attractive and strategically located.


Offer Personalized Recommendations

You can help visitors make a purchase decision by giving them recommendations. Akin to a sales representative, your product recommendations will serve as an assistant that guide users to find their desired product. By providing more refined and targeted product recommendations, you will be able to provide your visitors with the a great user experience. This is why more and more e-commerce businesses are now using personalized recommendations in their marketing strategy to get more conversions and boost their revenue.

Marketers can also recommend their best-selling products as people are more interested in knowing what other users are purchasing from your website. Amazon is making the most of this smart marketing strategy, impressing their visitors and helping them decide their desired products which eventually helps them boost sales.


Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment is one of the major issues faced by many e-commerce brands. If you are one of them, it is prudent to remove any obstacles that get in the way of your prospects, thwarting them from completing the buying process. You can alleviate the cart abandonment rate by instilling trust in your brand. Today’s customers are more concerned about their personal and financial information. They want to give their credit card information to only brands that they trust, and when they are assured that their data is secured. Use a valid SSCL certificate, trust marks and security badges on your website to let your customers breathe easy knowing that their information is secured.

Furthermore, offering free shipping, providing a guest checkout option, using remarketing techniques, easy-to-use navigation, making the checkout process lightning fast, and using multiple payment options are a few smart strategies e-commerce brands can use to reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate and boost their revenue.


Use Video Content

Product pages with video content have more organic traffic and purchase chances. If truth be told, video strategy can make your e-commerce brand stand out from your competitions. Many e-commerce brands are harnessing the power of video content and incorporating product videos to their product pages to broadcast their product in action. Integrating videos in your e-commerce website can also improve the user experience and create a positive effect on their purchase decision, which in turn will ultimately boost your conversion rate.


Final thoughts

There are countless ways to increase conversion of your e-commerce website but following these simple strategies will surely help you get the desired results. A professional web design London agency will help you come up with a better version of your website by incorporating these conversion boosting techniques that make your visitors convert.