Let’s set the scene:

“You run a small business providing a quality service to the public. You need to market your business and it must seem professional, sharp and trustworthy.  Loyalty cards can be an incredibly effective way to get your brand and your message stuck in the grey matter of your customers and potential customers. “

Whatever your goal, be it brand awareness, market research or a boost in revenue, a well-implemented loyalty card program can be the perfect solution. Loyalty cards can be printed with any design, colours, or graphics to keep your branding consistent.

Use loyalty cards as a classy addition to your range of products.  A good loyalty card printing service from a company such as CardLogic can really make your business stand out with a sleek card design that reflects your companies ideals.

Choosing the right loyalty card

Choosing the right loyalty card can often be a very simple process. Most companies already have a logo, color scheme or tagline that they use to represent their business and if so, it’s very common for a company loyalty card to follow a similar theme/style.

Most card printers will include card design as part of the printing process, however you may choose to engage the services of a professional firm such as  Bluestone.com to design the perfect card. However, for most people, the design services of the printers are more than adequate.

Printed loyalty cards are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Metallic, matte and gloss are the most commonly used card finishes and each provides its own distinctive finish. In terms of design, the only real limits are your own or your designer’s creativity.

Choosing a loyalty card system

The Points system

One of the most common loyalty card systems operates on a simple “points” structure. The points system allows customers to earn points with each purchase, visit or whatever your desired conversion may be. Once a certain threshold has been reached, the customer can then exchange these points for rewards.  This is one of the easiest and most effective solutions to implement and works perfectly for most businesses.

Paid programs

In a paid program system, the business invites its customers to pay a monthly or annual fee to join an exclusive or VIP club within the business. Members of the club will get exclusive rewards such as early-release access to products, discounts and more.

This type of program is usually preferred by businesses and clubs who already have a large customer base. It’s unlikely a brand-new customer will immediately sign up to join a VIP program without first trialling your business on some level. So, this program is aimed more at retention than acquisition.

Benefits of a loyalty card system.

Let’s quickly summarise the benefits of implementing a loyalty or gift program within your business.

Customer retention

According to many marketing studies, the cost of acquiring a new customer is approximately 5 times that of retaining an existing one. With loyalty cards, you offer your customers a tangible reason to return to your store for repeat purchases. In small businesses, customer retention is absolutely critical to business success.

Referral traffic

A loyalty program is a great way to spread word about your business.  If you build a strong loyalty program within which you have a strong customer base, these customers will be inclined to recommend your business to their friends and peers, gaining you new customers and boosting revenue. Despite what digital marketers may say, word of mouth is still one of the most important marketing tools to utilise.


Providing genuine value to your customers is a near-infallible way to keep your customers returning time and time again. A loyalty program makes customers feel appreciated as they are rewarded for spending at your store.

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to distinguish your business and when implemented properly can be mutually beneficial for the business and consumer alike.