It’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to captivate their target audiences with otherwise tried and tested means. Consumers these days are deaf to commercials and blind to advertisements.

In light of this, marketers are shifting their focus to influencer marketing. That’s because 94% of respondents to a study said influencer marketing makes for a highly effective strategy.

For the uninitiated, influencer marketing leverages social leaders to engage people with brands and their products and services. Influencers tend to have their own niches in which they specialize. They have a sway over the target audience you may be trying to connect with.

The importance of influencer marketing

Buyers generally trust the opinions and brand endorsements made by people they know over claims made by brands. This is why a number of companies partner with global and local celebrities to source brand endorsements.

Think of it this way.

Would you trust a complete stranger who approaches you and goes on about themselves?

You wouldn’t. Yet, if someone you knew vouched for said person, you’d probably give them a chance. The same principle applies when it comes to consumers and brands.

There are a number of benefits to be gained by collaborating with such individuals. Chief among them is the increased brand visibility you stand to gain. Consumers will also find you to be an authentic and trustworthy brand and want to engage with you. There are also metrics like improved lead generation, increased conversion rates, and higher engagement rates to consider.

To get a better picture of how effective marketers find it, let’s quantify the results. The pharmaceutical industry saw, on average, a return of $21.25 for every dollar spent on paid media. The average for all industries stood at $11.69 for every dollar spent.

Getting started with influencer marketing

Now that we’ve established what influencer marketing is and how it can benefit you, how can you implement it?

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There are a number of ways to integrate influencer marketing strategies into your existing campaigns.

One of the easiest ways is to connect with influencers who are already using your product and loving it. Ask them to post product reviews on social media in the form of blog posts, videos, or even Instagram photos.

A recent survey reported that 38% of respondents valued influencer reviews as important. In fact, video testimonials are so effective that marketers using videos receive 66% more leads yearly.

But this is just one strategy that you can employ to achieve the results you desire. There are several other influencer marketing strategies that you should consider integrating into your campaign. All you need to do is figure out the strategies that work best for you and then give them a shot.

Here’s looking at 10 such strategies that will give you that competitive edge, thanks to

This infographic rounds up some of the most effective influencer marketing strategies