We always read about the importance of digital marketing for a business, but how do we know that it’s actually working? This is a crucial consideration since as a small business, your limited resources need to be properly channeled.

On that note, today we are going to discuss a few aspects of digital marketing, as well as a few signs that may just let you know when it’s failing.


Having a Digital Marketing Strategy Alone Doesn’t Ensure Success

If it had been a decade ago, just the very fact that a business had invested in a digital marketing strategy meant they would see at least some improvements soon after. It’s 2019 though, which means just running a digital marketing campaign alone isn’t enough anymore.

Nearly everyone already has one or more digital marketing strategies in place, which means the competition is tremendous everywhere. In fact, it might actually be a better idea to save resources and hold out till you actually have a good marketing strategy to go with, rather than just wasting money on campaigns with zero to negligible ROI.


How to Know that Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing?

Marketing doesn’t always produce instant results, so it becomes particularly hard to determine whether something is working, or if you need to implement a different strategy to see better results. That being said, there are still signs of a poor or improper marketing campaign, some of which we are going to discuss next.


Is There a Planned Structure?

Planning and creating a structure for any digital marketing campaign is the very first requirement, and everything else comes after that. In order for a marketing strategy to even have a chance at succeeding, the planning needs to be solid, which is why each of the following questions are essential considerations.

  • Do you have a way to directly track the metrics such as conversions, speed, traffic, etc. from the campaign?
  • Is there consistency in the brand awareness campaigns; are you sending a uniform message?
  • Are there marketing expenses which you can’t relate to any specific or long-term goal?


Is Your Marketing Agency Result Driven?

A result-driven marketing agency will always focus on the goal of each move and each step in the campaign so that the long-term goal can be reached in a procedural, trackable, and reliable manner.

To explain what we are discussing here, let’s take a look at how the company Caffeine Marketing works as an example. They are a result-driven agency which specialises in the development of precise, target-oriented marketing strategies. These strategies are customised according to the needs and goals of each of their clients, which means that every step is a calculated one, designed to achieve a specific result for that particular client.

This approach increases the chances of success, but more importantly, the quantifiable and trackable metrics also mean, if something isn’t working, it can be easily altered to produce better results.

Keep in mind that if your business is not getting enough conversions, the social media pages are mostly unvisited and the comment sections everywhere seem like empty halls, they are not signs that your money and efforts are being wasted, but a confirmation of that both have already been wasted.

The idea is to prevent, stop or change poor digital marketing, not to be retrospective in loss!