Ecommerce search engine optimization has a critical importance for the website ranking.

In comparison to eCommerce PPC management, traffic that comes from SEO is free. It is sometimes more cost-effective than any other marketing tactic. However, sometimes you may face some problems when dealing with SEO. It seems that you do everything right, however, you get the opposite result: you lose your website traffic. Why? The reason is that you may be over-optimizing your eCommerce website. Let us understand how:

Over-optimization happens when you try to do so many improvements in terms of SEO, that they start to leave a negative impact on your website ranking. Google starts to detect it as spammy and imposes a penalty on it. The result is that you lose your ranking in search engines and your audience fail to see your content value. So, to avoid over-optimization of your websites you need to follow several important points:



Relevant keywords are among the most important SEO tactics. In case you try to gain traffic using keywords that have nothing to do with your website intent, you will fail. You may think that it is a good way to appear in every possible query, but be sure! Google will notice it. The use of non-related keywords will bring harm to your website ranking and you will lose your potential conversions. So, in order to avoid over-optimization penalties, it is better to build your website based on natural tactics and “white” strategies. You should include your keywords in a way, that it seems natural for both search engines and your consumers, otherwise, you will never get a chance to build trust towards your brand.



Among eCommerce marketing services content marketing strategies can never be ignored. In order not to hurt your ranking you need to strongly avoid over-optimized content. Qualified and relevant content is the number one ranking factor. Your visitors need to get natural and relevant information, instead of reading a series of keywords. It means that your content should naturally correspond the searcher intent. Google now works on providing the best results which will ideally correspond to the queries, it means that good quality content will surely win in the competitive marketplace. The most important thing is that your content should provide value to the visitor.


Internal links

Getting your internal linking strategy will bring you a high ranking. However, while optimizing your links for informing search engines about your website overall structure you should avoid over-optimization. Your anchor text should not be the same as the URL. As well, the connection that you make between other sites also matters. Google pays much attention to what type of websites you link. If it is a suspicious and spammy website you will harm your own one.



Website owners try hard to get their website to outrank, however they sometimes fail in choosing a URL that will sound smart. In case you target your URL with keywords that will best match your website naturally, you will hardly face the challenges of over-optimization.


Anchor text

Search engines find that manipulating search results via anchor text is not a hard task. Through Panda and Penguin algorithm Google makes control to avoid these actions. It pays attention to the website links, its quantity and context. Getting a valuable resource is vitally important for search engines, so in order to avoid dropping your website ranking, you should be very attentive to your actions.



Choosing a proper name that will greatly describe your image is also an SEO-friendly action. Search engines not only check your contents, titles, but also your image file names. You need to use relevant keywords for improving user experience, gaining traffic and avoiding over-optimization.

Google Algorithm Updates can cause a sudden change to your website reputation and ranking. Recovering it, however, can seem as hard as creating it. In case you lead an eCommerce business, you cannot avoid damages of revenue. By following some tactics you can not only prevent this negative impact but also make your business stronger and increase sales.



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