Office rental prices are constantly increasing and they have no signs of stopping. This has led to most business owners turning to remote business operation. When it comes to working from home, most people think of a room that resembles an office in the conservatory or an unused room. However, a garden office pod is an alternative that can be pretty beneficial but not many think about it. A pod resolves the challenge of keeping a professional office rental in a cost-effective manner.

In this read, we’re a going to look at the many benefits of having a garden office pod vs conventional office space.

Advantages of a Garden Office Pod

Save Money

This is perhaps the best thing about having an office pod. Nowadays, the rental costs for an office space can set you back a lot of money, which can be hard to keep up with especially if you’re a startup or small business. With a garden office space, the prices start from £98 per month, which is half of the cheapest space in big cities, and that’s if you intend to use the office alone. With an office pod, you get to save a substantial amount of money, which you can channel to other business ventures or even save for your next vacation. Take a look at to see what would work for you.

Avoid The Frustrating Commutes

If you work in a busy city, then you know how frustrating waking up early in the morning in an attempt to catch the train can be. If you drive to work, the traffic can be hectic and chances you will need another cup of coffee once you arrive in order to get in a productive mode.

This added to the high office rental costs only leads to more expenditure on top of the frustration. Well, a garden office pod allows you to forget the frantic mornings and costly rental prices and get to enjoy the leisure of waking up without stress and making a minute stroll across the yard.

A comfortable Working Environment

Leasing an office space means that you need to adapt. The neighbouring businesses might be a nuisance, the room might have maintenance problems and there might not be enough sockets. However, with a garden pod, you get the features that meet your needs. The construction of a pod will be done with your personal and business requirements in mind. That means you will have a space that will put you in a productive state and enable you to run your business in a seamless manner.

A comfortable office space is ideally useful when you hold client or partner meetings, as they feel at ease. The more comfortable a prospect is, the more likely they are to do business with you. An ideal garden office pod presents an opportunity to create a good first impression and foster a robust relationship. This, in turn, results in more loyalty from your clients.

The Value of Your Property Increases

According to real estate experts, a visually appealing garden pod can easily add up to 15k to the value of your home and ideally be of help when it comes to selling your property.

A Better Work/Life Balance

Perhaps the most annoying businesses in the world are delivery firms. You get an estimated delivery time which often covers most of the day and there has to be someone present in order to sign the package. Also, if you attempt to reschedule, the available times always seem to be when you are not at home.

Well, when you work remotely, this is no longer a nuisance. Neither are ill kids, as the garden office pod gives you the flexibility you need when an unexpected thing happens. You will be able to catch up later after attending to your sick child. As an added bonus, you will ideally be able to catch up on your chores when necessary. It will not cost you much time to load the dishwasher or do a quick laundry wash and if you think about it, this is the time you could have spent commuting to and from the office if your workplace is in the city.

Also, some office spaces for rent have a strict policy on hours of operation. This means you cannot be in the complex between certain hours. This is not very flexible if you have sacrificed some time to take the kids out for a daytrip or attend to other matter. However, with a garden office pod, you can do whatever you want during the day and recover the hours at night. The flexibility to work whenever and how you want is an advantage that makes working remotely very appealing.